Monday, April 22, 2019

5 Most Idiotic Things About Bigg Boss This Season


5 Most Idiotic Things About Bigg Boss This Season

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows of India. Audience watch this show crazily and than they have a lot to say, express and criticize. Bigg Boss was good when it started but with the passage of time the show is getting bad, means it’s getting nonsensical.

Bigg Boss 11 is one of them, Sorry to the avid viewers but this season is too much to handle and has a lot of idiotism. We understand contestants get crazy by being in that house without any sort of entertainment but still this season is getting on nerves.

Here’s the list of the things that makes this Bigg Boss season really irritating, too much and at times idiotic.

1. Contestants – Sorry to the fans and viewers (we don’t mean anything on a personal basis)

Yes, the contestants are too much. They are fighting in the house since day one and who knows why. Truly now Vikas and Shilpa’s fights are getting too much and too boring.

2. The love angle

Now okay they two are in love, madly in love but truly at times everything looks fake.

3. Arshi’s Overacting

Yes, Arshi you are being too much. Why can’t you even talk normally and why you always have to go so over the top.

4. Warnings to Priyank

After yesterday’s episode I truly wonder who is wrong here. Priyank was thrown out the house for the idiotism he did and then he was brought back and was given warnings, well he got many warnings but he just don’t want to learn. Priyank we truly love you but can you stop doing all these? 

5. Hina Khan – What’s wrong with you? At times you are being way too much.

6. Gay Angle

Okay, well we aren’t talking about gender preferences of LGBT community. We respect everyone’s choice and it’s their life they can choose and do whatever they want.

But in this show, we are least concerned about who is gay, Who is bisexual and who is what. Can you focus on other things rather than making a fuss out of this?

Tell us what do you think is the most irritating thing about Bigg Boss this season.

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