Monday, April 22, 2019
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5 Reasons Why Shilpa Shinde Is Winning Hearts In The Bigg Boss House


5 Reasons Why Shilpa Shinde Is Winning Hearts In The Bigg Boss House 

Shilpa Shinde is in the industry since long, the woman has worked really hard and faced a big controversy during Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain. Shilpa and Vikas Gupta had some really ugly issues on a professional and personal front. When these two met in the Bigg Boss house things went worst. She did a lot in the house, and even made Vikas leave the house. The first few weeks were bad but later Shilpa succeeded in winning hearts.

Here are few reasons why is she the audience favorite

She ignores everyone 

The other contestants said a lot of things to Shilpa, did a lot of things and even fought with her but the lady doesn’t react to it. Shilpa Shinde has this beautiful art of not reacting and avoiding all those things.

Shilpa Shinde is being her trueself

Yes, if she is bad she is, she shows whatever she is. She is being her own self. She doesn’t pretend and her actions shows it well.

No ego issues

Even if the woman has the worst fight with any contestant still the woman has the decency to talk properly.

Shilpa Shinde is hardworking 

She keeps cooking, that explains everything!

She is playing the game in a right way

No doubt at times even she plays dirty but she plays it in a right way and that makes her the best player.

Do you think Shilpa Shinde deserves to win Bigg Boss? Is Shilpa Shinde your favorite?

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